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Our Service

We only recommend the most fun experiences in Melbourne. What do we class as an experience? Any place or activity that gives you a wow, such as massive sporting matches, beautiful hikes, pumping clubs, quirky bars, memorable shows, bustling markets, and much more.

Our Recommendations are:

Curated(so you don't get a dud)
Changed Regularly(like your underpants)
Weather Dependent(because outdoor cinemas suck in the rain)
Crowd Sourced(surveys tell us what Melbournians go gorillas for)

Meet The Team!

Liam Shaw - CEO and Co-founder

Cannot do a backflip..
Liam enjoys a worn in pair of hiking boots and not allowing himself to be bored. He has spent a lot of his time being taught the ins and outs of neuroscience, physiology and EspaƱol


Chris Wright - CTO and Co-founder

Can do a backflip...
Chris is currently studying Robotics and Mechatonics Engineering/Computer Science and Software Engineering at Swinburne University of Technology. He is an avid home-brewer and enjoys getting out bush on the mountain bike in his spare time