Our Service

We're in the know

We have taken the time to do our research. We have spent hundreds of hours refining our database of Melbourne's best experiences, putting in tremendous amounts of detail so that we can give people like you great recommendations.

Save time and ensure an amazing experience

You could spend 10-20 minutes trawling internet pages, reading reviews, and weighing up hundreds of options. Or, you could save yourself the effort and use our service. We've had these experiences before, we know they're awesome. Don't waste time, and don't risk a mediocre experience.

A personalised experience

Our goal is to completely understand what type of experience you're after. By contacting us you have the luxury of talking to us in a way you simply could not with a search engine or any current smartphone app. Think of us like a friend who is on call 24/7, and knows Melbourne's best experiences inside out.

Help us help you

We want you to be able to receive great experience recommendations, without the hassle of emailing us. This is why we're designing a web and smartphone app that will provide our same service, but in no time at all. Your emails help us refine our app design and create something that you'll hopefully love.

Meet The Team!

Liam Shaw - CEO and Co-founder

Cannot do a backflip..
Liam enjoys a worn in pair of hiking boots and not allowing himself to be bored. He has spent a lot of his time being taught the ins and outs of neuroscience, physiology and EspaƱol


Chris Wright - CTO and Co-founder

Can do a backflip...
Chris is currently studying Robotics and Mechatonics Engineering/Computer Science and Software Engineering at Swinburne University of Technology. He is an avid home-brewer and enjoys getting out bush on the mountain bike in his spare time